Posted: Thursday, 5 August 2010 | Posted by Adam Townend | 0 comments lives! Finally got round to linking up to the information super highway and the domain is now active.

updated the site too with some gems of awesomeness.


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Here we go again. I thought I'd get in quick and update my blogs in preparation for my summer work. I plan to keep busy and I figured that my third really starts here. So I can now draw a line under year two and start to prepare for my final year. This blog is really just a front page to my other blogs so this won't be updated but I have created a new Design Strategies blog which will document my learning throughout the summer.

As ever my Design practice and context blogs will remain open but they will be updated in September once the new year gets under way.

Best Christmas ever?

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I got these neat speakers from my sister this year. The speakers are made from recycled cardboard and you can draw on them yourself. I spent all yesterday afternoon sketching on them with the handmade type book by Michael Perry by my side for inspiration.

Neat, huh?!

Home Grown Exhibtion @ The Urbis

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Hip hop is not really my sort of thing, but I still appreciate the design behind it and the silly tracksuits so I went along anyway. Due to my lack of knowledge, I read a lot and can't remember much. I suppose the things we took for granted and thought were cool what seems a couple of years ago now just looks pathetic. From an analytical point of view, it was good to see how fashions had changed but disappointing to see the number of gendered music videos with scantily clad women dancing around in them, thinking to myself that it just got less and less about the music and more and more about image. The treatment of women in hip hop/rap scene is obviously a talking point and seems to be more accepted these days. Run DMC didn't need that image to sell records so why does Fifty Cent and the rest of em.

I found myself looking around the gallery from a designers point of view. Looking at stock and print and particularly typography. I think they did a nice job of the logo and info boards for the various eras. Looks like they had used a normal wall covering and then applied a vinyl cut sticker over the top. Some of the design of the early 90's left a lot to be desired but I'm sure that sort of stuff will come around again in the next 10 years.

Here are my photos from the exhibition.

Freelance and competition work

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Over the summer I wanted to get stuck into some competitions just to keep my creative thinking ticking over. It's so frustrating doing any sort of design competition on the internet. As I have found other 'designers' tend to copy your ideas or colour schemes if you seem to receive any good feedback on your entry. Its all horses for courses and I got bored after a while.

These are some of the designs I submitted and some of them I am quite happy with. I did get quite lazy though and sat at the computer with no real ideas and just threw some together but needs must.

New Year Two Blog

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So here we are again.. This blog works a little differently to last years. I am running 6 blogs now and they can all be found on the navigation panel to the right